Yeast Questionnaire for Children

Yeast Questionnaire for Children

Would you like to know if your child’s health problems are related to Candida? Filling out and scoring this online questionnaire developed by Dr. William Crook, author of “The Yeast Connection Handbook,” should help you and your physician evaluate the role Candida albicans may play in your child’s health problems.

Write down the appropriate point score for questions you answer “yes.” Total your score and record it at the end of the questionnaire, and compare it to the scoring section to help determine your child’s yeast condition.

1. During the two years before your child was born, were you bothered by recurrent vaginitis, menstrual irregularities, premenstrual tension, fatigue, headache, depression, digestive disorders, or “feeling bad all over?”…30pts

2. Was your child bothered by thrush? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Severe?…20pts

3. Was your child bothered by frequent diaper rashes in infancy? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Severe or persistent?…20pts

4. During infancy, was your child bothered by colic and irritability lasting 3 months? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Moderate to severe?…20pts

5. Are his symptoms worse on damp days or in damp or moldy places?…20pts

6. Has your child been bothered by recurrent or persistent “athlete’s foot” or chronic fungous infections of his skin or nails?…30pts

7. Has your child been bothered by recurrent hives, eczema or other skin problems?…10pts

8. Has your child received: 
            a. 4 or more courses of antibiotic drugs during the past year? Or have they received continuous “prophylactic” courses of antibiotics drugs?…60pts 
            b. 8 or more courses of “broad-spectrum” antibiotics (such as amoxicillin, Keflex, Septra, Bactrim or Ceclor) during the past 3 years?…40pts

9. Has your child experienced recurrent ear problems?…20pts

10. Has your child had tubes inserted in his ears?…10pts

11. Has your child been labeled “hyperactive”? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Moderate to severe?…20pts

12. Is your child bothered by learning problems (even though his early development history was normal)?…10pts

13. Does your child have a short attention span?…10pts

14. Is your child persistently irritable, unhappy and hard to please?…10pts

15. Has your child been bothered by persistent or recurrent digestive problems, including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or excessive gas? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Moderate?…20pts 
            c. Severe?…30pts

16. Has he been bothered by persistent nasal congestion, cough and/or wheezing?…10pts

17. Is your child unusually tired or unhappy or depressed? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Severe?…20pts

18. Has he been bothered by recurrent headaches, abdominal pain, or muscle aches? 
            a. Mild?…10pts 
            b. Severe?…20pts

19. Does your child crave sweets?…10pts

20. Does exposure to perfume, insecticides, gas or other chemicals provoke moderate to severe symptoms?…30pts

21. Does tobacco smoke really bother him?…20 pts

22. Do you feel that your child isn’t well, yet diagnostic tests and studies haven’t revealed the cause?…10pts


Yeasts possibly play a role in causing health problems in children with scores of 60 or more.

Yeasts probably play a role in causing health problems in children with scores of 100 or more.

Yeasts almost certainly play a role in causing health problems in children with scores of 140 or more.

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*Used with permission 2005.  Adapted from Dr. Crook’s, The Yeast Connection Handbook, 15-19.

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