Sharon’s Story: The Gift of Health

Sharon’s Story: The Gift of Health

Sharon’s problems with short-term memory began a few years ago. In February, when it became impossible to perform her duties as a paralegal, she lost her job.

In addition to memory loss, Sharon suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, high blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue, brain fog, arthritis, back and joint pain, vertigo, loss of appetite, and blurry vision.

She researched possible causes and, at age 49, linked almost everything back to the mercury that had been put in her teeth since she was a child. She’d already lost her health, but her doctor now warned that she could lose her life.

Even though Sharon knew what her problem was, she did not have the $7,000 she needed to have twelve mercury fillings and six crowns replaced. She applied for assistance, and with funding from the Jigsaw Health Foundation and a generous local dentist who agreed to reduce his fees, she was able to get all the mercury out of her mouth this past summer.

It’s been two and a half months since her last appointment and Sharon is feeling much better. Her memory is no longer a problem and she was able to study and pass the test to become a licensed insurance broker.

Her IBS has cleared up and she is feeling healthier everyday. She still suffers from vertigo which she hopes will stop as she continues to detoxify. While she can only afford oral vitamin C and lots of water to help support her body as she detoxifies, she hopes to add magnesium and other minerals. As she says, “I can’t remember feeling this good in 50 years! I have a chance to get my life back thanks to the Jigsaw Health Foundation.”

The Jigsaw Health Foundation provides financial assistance to help fund the removal of mercury amalgams for those who suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Beneficiaries also receive one year of employee pricing on Jigsaw Health supplements so that they can support their bodies during detoxification with quality supplements. Learn more about the Jigsaw Health Foundation now.

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