Probiotics Comparison Chart

Probiotics Comparison Chart


  Essential Blend Probiotics
by Jigsaw Health
Primal Defense®
by Garden of Life
Primal Defense® ULTRA
by Garden of Life
Number of active bacteria or colony-forming units (CFU) per serving 25 billion 1 Less than 1 billion 2 5 billion
Quantity per bottle 90 90 90
Suggested use 1 capsule per day 3 caplets per day 3 capsules per day
Number of days supplied 90 days 30 days 30 days
Price per bottle $39.97 $26.04 3 $30.34 3
Cost per day $0.44 $0.87 $1.01
Source of bacteria Human HSOs (Soil) HSOs (Soil)
Delivery Vegetarian Capsules Caplets Vegetarian Capsules
Number of bacteria strains 4 5 proven and known “friendly” bacteria strains
12 mostly “friendly” bacteria strains 13 mostly “friendly” bacteria strains
Contains Saccharomyces boulardii? 5 No No Yes
Contains fructoogliosaccharides
(FOS, aka prebiotics)?
No Yes No
Contains additives and fillers? No Yes No
Contains dairy? No No No
Refrigeration suggested for the
most beneficial probiotics?
Yes No No
Container Amber glass White plastic Amber glass



  1. Contained 38 billion active bacteria when tested on 5/31/05 by an independent lab, Silliker (report #11085).
  2. As tested by two independent labs and reported in “Probiotics: Are Enough in Your Diet?”, Consumer Reports, July 2005.
  3. Average of prices at the first six online retailers in an online search of Primal Defense and Primal Defense ULTRA on 7/16/10.
  4. Fewer strains of known, proven good bacteria in high potency are far more effective than more than a handful of strains—and greater numbers of strains introduce the possibility of a bad strain or a bad reaction among the strains.
  5. According to, there have been at least nine cases of severe, invasive fungal infections in people who were treated with Saccharomyces boulardii.
  6. FOS or prebiotics are indigestible starches that promote the growth of bacteria and, in some people, bad bacteria which can cause multiple gastrointestinal issues.

Essential Blend Probiotics are a highly effective way to restore intestinal flora and alleviate digestive disorders.

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