What Everybody Ought To Know About Magnesium

What Everybody Ought To Know About Magnesium

Patrick Sullivan Jr.
Co-founder and president of Jigsaw Health

Co-founder and president of Jigsaw Health, the web’s leading resource for chronic health conditions. Sullivan participated in Invisible Awareness Week 2006 as a guest speaker discussing the dangers of mercury amalgams (aka. “silver fillings”). This year, Sullivan will host a chat session entitled, “What Everybody Ought To Know About Magnesium.” — up to 80% of Americans are deficient in this essential macro mineral that is involved in over 325 known biochemical reactions and tied to body aches, muscle twitches, spasms and cramps, low energy, headaches and migraines, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weakness and fatigue. Learn the secrets of how to get more magnesium into your body — from foods, to oils, to supplements.

Host_Mary_Shep: Welcome to the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week seminar. My name is Mary (a.k.a. “Shep” to many of you), and I’ll be your host for this hour. We will open in prayer; then our guest will present the topic, after which there will be a question and answer period, then we will close in prayer.

Patrick Sullivan, Jr. is the Co-founder and president of Jigsaw Health, the web’s leading resource for chronic health conditions. Sullivan participated in Invisible Awareness Week 2006 as a guest speaker discussing the dangers of mercury amalgams (a.k.a. “silver fillings”). This year, he will be discussing, “What Everybody Ought to Know about Magnesium.” Up to 80% of Americans are deficient in this essential macro mineral that is involved in over 325 known biochemical reactions and tied to body aches, muscle twitches, spasms and cramps, low energy, headaches and migraines, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weakness and fatigue. Learn the secrets of how to get more magnesium into your body — from foods, to oils, to supplements.

But before we begin, let’s ask the Lord’s blessing upon our time and our speaker.

Father, we thank you for being a loving and caring Father. We trust that today is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! We pray for those who are hurting today Lord, those who hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually. Comfort them as they come to hear words of encouragement and love. Bless our speaker; guide the words that are spoken so that when we are done here, we will know that we have been in Your Presence. In Jesus precious name we pray, Amen.

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Thanks Shep! Greetings from sunny Scottsdale Arizona where the temperature is 108 degrees today. As they say, “it’s a dry heat”, but it’s still heat! We only have two seasons here…hot and nice. Right now, 90% of Arizonans are praying for the second season to begin. (The other 10% are atheists.)

The title of my speech today is “What Everybody Ought To Know About Magnesium”. I call magnesium “America’s Lost Mineral” because it is as important as calcium, yet no one seems to know the importance of it! Studies have found that 68% of people don’t get the recommended daily intake of magnesium, and up to 80% of Americans are deficient.

But first, full disclosure: I am the co-founder and president of Jigsaw Health, a health food and dietary supplement company started in 2005 by me and my Dad. (He’s the CEO, I’m the president…you can guess who gets to sweep up at night. ;-) Our star product is Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (Sustained Release Technology), currently being used by thousands of people with chronic health conditions. But I really hope to educate you to the numerous benefits of magnesium and NOT give you a sales pitch. In fact, I’ll even tell you about a few other magnesium products that my company has no affiliation to. What I’m saying is, I’ll do my best to be fair and balanced.

By the time we’re done, my goal is to help you understand the important role magnesium plays in the body (while being semi-brand agnostic) and encourage you to seriously consider supplementation in some form if you are at risk for magnesium deficiency.

So let me start by asking this question – Why is that Americans consume the highest amount of calcium, but maintain the highest amount of osteoporosis? Hmm…seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? The reason is because calcium is not fully absorbed without magnesium. The two work together as a dynamic duo! You can test this out for yourself. Empty a capsule of calcium into a glass of water and stir it around. You’ll see some of the calcium settle at the bottom of the glass. But if you add magnesium and stir it, it all disappears! An excess of calcium in the body can often lead to calcium oxalate build-up, most commonly referred to as kidney stones. (Yes, *those* kinds of kidney stones! Really? Really!!)

The simplest way to understand the relationship between calcium and magnesium is that calcium contracts muscles, magnesium relaxes them, which is why many people find that magnesium will act as a mild natural muscle relaxant. Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is involved in over 325 known biochemical reactions. Its major responsibilities include assisting with muscle and nerve function, supporting the immune system, regulating heart rhythm and keeping bones strong. In addition, ongoing studies are being conducted to evaluate magnesium’s role in the prevention and management of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The most important of the 325+ biochemical reactions supported by magnesium is energy production. This is due to the fact that magnesium activates the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule within your body to create and store energy. In other words, without magnesium there is no energy. And without energy, there is no life.

Early warning signs of deficiency include body aches, muscle twitches, spasms and cramps, low energy, headaches and migraines, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, weakness and fatigue. (Nice, sign me up for all of those. ;-) More advanced symptoms include numbing sensations, tingling, seizures, varying heart rhythms and hypocalcaemia. Left untreated, magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis and more.

The key to healthy magnesium intake is bioavailability and gastrointestinal tolerability. The problem is that magnesium is also a natural laxative. Take too much at once and you ended up with diarrhea. For instance, you all know Milk of Magnesia I’m sure. Well, that is simply magnesium hydroxide.

So what is the threshold dose before you get diarrhea? Good question, I’m glad you asked. The answer is, it’s different for everyone. (Of course! It can’t ever be simple, can it? ;-)

Let’s start with how much the government says you’re supposed to get. 400mg is the recommended daily intake (RDI). But that is the amount that is determined to stave off a deficiency, not the amount necessarily needed for optimal health. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon that used magnesium extensively for brain injuries, recommends that everyone take 1000mg of magnesium a day or more as a maintenance protective dose. That’s 250% of the RDI. This is virtually impossible for most people. And for this very reason, Dr. Blaylock recommends my company’s sustained release magnesium in the editorial section (not an advertisement) of his Blaylock Wellness Report.

Bottom line: Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (Sustained Release Technology) is potentially the first ever magnesium supplement that allows you to take 125% of the RDI (or more) *without* causing diarrhea. Why? The sustained release allows magnesium to slowly release into your body over an 8 hour period.

Are there other good magnesium supplements on the market? Absolutely! One is Essence of Life Magnesium Oil, from Global Light Network. As quoted from their website: “Magnesium Oil is derived from natural, condensed seawater and contains a multitude of healthful, dissolved minerals and trace elements. The “oil-like” (brine) feel is due to its viscosity and saturation of trace elements. We recommend pouring 1 oz. or more of Magnesium Oil in a tub (or a foot soak) of warm/hot water for a pleasurable, 30-minute “sea bath”, to help support relief from daily stress, and to promote a feeling of wellness. Great for skin, so use it as a massage oil, too! Two of their customer reviews report: “Awesome! Works like magic! Aches and pains…….poof…..gone! Love it…..love it…..love it! Kathy” And “This stuff works! Makes aches and pains just go away. Just love it! Anon.”

I’ve never personally used this product, so I’m not endorsing it. But for someone whose gastrointestinal tract was so distressed or post-colon removal, I would absolutely recommend trying this product out. There’s no reason to allow yourself to become magnesium deficient. (Btw, I’ll post a link at the end of the speech.)

Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm boasts that they are the most popular retail magnesium product. It is a magnesium citrate powder that is boiled and added to tea. As listed on the web: “Natural Calm was developed exclusively by Peter Gillham, a leading magnesium researcher. Natural Calm is the only water soluble magnesium using Mr. Gillham’s delivery system, which is crucial for maximum magnesium absorption. This process is exclusive to Natural Calm.”

“How to Prepare: Place powder in glass, add 3-4 oz. of hot water and stir until dissolved, add cold water and drink. Natural fruit juice may be added in place of cold water when preparing for children.” “How Much: Individual needs may vary. Start with 1 teaspoon daily, and gradually increase to 3 teaspoons (or more, as needed). When bowels are comfortably loose, this is the optimal amount. If diarrhea occurs, this is a sign of excess intake, simply reduce dosage. Some people may need to start with 1 teaspoon only and gradually work up to higher amounts.”

Customer reviews from the web: “Natural calm is the best magnesium. It keeps your bowels regular and helps you use your calcium. It’s a must for every diet. A lot of people get calcium but their bodies don’t use it. So this works great.” And: “This is the most absorbable magnesium product I’ve ever used. I can use less of it and get the same result – regularity and better sleep. If you don’t like the taste of the magnesium citrate you have to drink before colonoscopies, you probably won’t like the taste of this product, but it tastes OK to me.”

The strength of Natural Calm is that because it is so rapidly absorbed, it is an especially good product for chronic constipation, which is a big problem for lots of people. However its strength is also its weakness. My dad formulated our sustained release magnesium because he himself could never take enough Natural Calm without getting diarrhea. (He battled IBS for a L-O-N-G time! Probably like many of you.)

So three years ago, he worked with a formulator to put together a sustained release profile that would allow him to take a HIGH amount of a premium form of magnesium without getting diarrhea. Turns out, he wasn’t alone. Many of our customers have switched to Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT because they couldn’t take hardly any of a non-sustained release magnesium without getting the runs.

From our website: “My first and previous order of Magnesium w/SRT really made a difference when I first started taking it. I drive a long way to and from work and it immediately reduced the muscle stress and fatigue I was experiencing. When my supply ran out, I tried some off-the-shelf brand of magnesium. It hasn’t helped at all by comparison. This is actually an incredible product. Thanks, Jigsaw!” And: “I have tried a verity of magnesium products over the past year and a half and this is by far the best. Every magnesium product I tried was poorly absorbed and always gave me GI trouble…I love your product as it is all natural. Also your costumer service is second to none and I look forward to continue to do business with you.” (Sorry for the self-promo with that last one, but I’m proud of the customer service team here. And quite frankly, they deserve the plug.)

Foods that are high in magnesium content are: legumes, whole grains, green vegetables, nuts and seeds. But even back in 1915, there were worries about the nutrient quality of the soil, as found in a record of Congressional Testimony.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle states that our stomachs almost can’t even ingest enough food to extract enough magnesium. And so supplementation is basically a foregone conclusion.

But not all forms of magnesium are created equally. Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT uses only patented dimagnesium malate from Albion Advanced Nutrition, the world’s premier researcher and supplier of clinically-tested, chelated minerals. The formula also includes P5P and Folate – active forms of vitamin B6 and B9 (folic acid) which act as cofactors to activate magnesium. Something unique among all other magnesium supplements. In addition, none of these ingredients are from China and the tablets are made in the United States by a facility independently certified in good manufacturing practices, assuring high quality and effectiveness. (And in case you didn’t know, China has a near monopoly on the raw ingredient business. Scary!)

So what’s the upside? People who have increased their intake of magnesium in some form or another even a short period of time have reported significantly less muscle aching and stiffness, more energy, increased restfulness, less stress and anxiety, healthier breathing patterns, improved blood flow and regulated, healthy digestion. Magnesium is not a fly-by-night, miracle cure from the rain forests of the Amazon sold by everyone in your neighborhood. Magnesium is an essential mineral that has been studied for ages. A search in Pubmed shows 75,866 studies relating to magnesium.

So at this point, let’s get to your questions. I will receive them from the moderator and post them online with my answer. In the meantime, here is a list of additional resources that you may be interested in. I’ll post them now, and again after the Q & A.

“The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean.

Take a free Magnesium Deficiency Assessment:

Download this free 13-page Magnesium Deficiency Report

Learn more about Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (USE THE PROMO CODE “REST” AND RECEIVE A COUPON FOR $10 OFF. CALL 1-866-601-5800 OR ORDER ONLINE)

Learn more about Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm

Learn more about Global Light’s Magnesium Oil

Alice: I have to take calcium, and was just told lately that it won’t do a thing for me unless I am taking Magnesium also. Is this true?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Yes, very true. Remember the illustration of the calcium and magnesium in the glass of water.

Joe: What does it mean for a mineral to be chelated?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Great question Joe. It means it is basically “clawed” out of another substance. In the case of dimagnesium malate, this is the magnesium salt of malic acid.

Angie: Is it true that magnesium should be taken on an empty stomach? Also, I have some powered magnesium I would like to finish but it tastes terrible – any suggestions on something I can mix it with that would not take away from the effectiveness of the magnesium? (I apologize if you touch on some of this in your seminar; I have to step out a little early)

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Yes, you should take Mg on an empty stomach because it is an alkaline mineral that will counteract the acidity of the stomach. However, some people will find that just about *any* mineral makes them feel queasy and this can be help if they take it with food. It’s up to you.

Debbie: Magnesium is one of the supplements recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome because it helps with muscle relaxation. I’ve been taking 1500mg a day for quite a few years now and don’t have any problems with diarrhea. I also don’t really have any of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency that you mentioned, so it must be working!

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: That’s fantastic Debbie!! We’re certainly not the only game in town, which is why I listed some of our competitors.

Angie: How can you really know if you actually have a deficiency, as the symptoms you share could be attributed to so many things?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: First, take the Magnesium Deficiency Assessment which was developed by Dr. Mildred Seileg, a long time magnesium researcher. /magnesium/FreeMagnesiumAssessment.aspx

Measuring Mg levels from a blood test is known to be rather inaccurate. Dr. Altura has developed a diagnostic technology at SUNY that is regarded to be the best in its class. It’s been around for many years, but alas, is not widely used among practitioners. They have a general tendency of being several years (decades?) behind the curve.

dcoordinator: Mr Sullivan, does this work like Tylenol? How long before you see results?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Some people have reported phenomenal results after just 1 or 2 days. But that is not always the case with everyone. And it’s important to remember that a deficiency that has been built up over years can some time just take just as much time to be replenished.

Host_Mary_Shep: What are your thoughts on the “Coral Calcium” (Bob Barefoot’s, of course!) and the claims that it is more valuable than regular calcium — he also advocates the magnesium as a necessary partner with calcium. Then secondly, since they need to be used together, why do you not sell both together in one product? Or do you?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: IMHO, coral calcium has made some fairly dubious claims, but I’m not sure what to believe in that case. Jigsaw Health also carries a calcium but we do not combine the two ingredients together, namely because calcium does not need sustained release technology to be tolerated. And the materials used for the patented sustained release are not cheap.

BevinUSA: Yes, do you think a good way of finding out if one is low in magnesium would be to get a 3 month blood work up? I get these as a snapshot of how my body is working, etc.

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: I would consult your physician on that one as I’m not sure exactly what type of blood work you are getting. Dr. Dean talks about Dr. Altura’s diagnostic tool in her book. You would likely find that very interesting.

heal: Can you take too much magnesium. I seem to take 1500mg a day?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: According to Dr. Dean, there is no unsafe upper limit because what your body doesn’t use, it will excrete through the feces.

Bob_from_Toledo: Once you start taking a good magnesium supplement, how quickly will you start to see an improvement in the symptoms you listed?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: How long is a piece of string Bob? ;-) As always, it depends on just how deficient you are, and how well your body absorbs the supplement you use. From experience with our customers, some will feel it the first day, most in a few weeks, and some not at all. If your symptoms don’t go away, you obviously need to ask yourself if it is truly related to an Mg deficiency. Also, trial and error can be one of the best methods. Though also it can end up being frustrating and expensive. But hey, some times you just gotta do whatever you can to fight the beast!

afb5270: Is your product a capsule and is it once a day?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: No, it is a tablet because you can’t do sustained release with a capsule or a powder. the tablet gels up once it hits the acidity of the stomach and slowly releases the active ingredients. We recommend starting with 4 tablets per day in divided doses. That’s 500mg a day, but you can get up to 1000mg or more per day. I personally take 1000mg every morning. My wife, who is a high performance athlete, takes 2000mg a day in divided doses.

afb5270: I am assuming a tablet or capsule is not as hard on your esophagus as the powder is? I currently have Peter Gillham’s natural calm.

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: That would be correct. By the way, our tablets are coated and are actually very small as far as most tablets go. (800mg per tablet, most are 1000mg, up to 1800mg) They are very easy to swallow.

bleu: So, how expensive is your wonder mineral?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: LOL…keep in mind, it’s God’s wonder mineral. I won’t take credit for that. Our website at www.jigsawhealth.com/magnesium, we sell a 2 month supply for $39.97, plus $6.97 shipping. If you use the promo code “rest” during check out or over the phone (1-866-601-5800), you’ll save $10. As you buy more bottles, the cost per bottle drops as well.

dcoordinator: Why are people so down on taking tablet form rather then a powder or capsule form of Magnesium? And is there a benefit to either one?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Tablets have gotten a bad wrap, but not from a truly scientific point, only from a marketing point. And if you want to get a sustained release profile, there’s no other way to do it than tablet form. Sure you could “fake” a sustained release by taking 1 tablet every other hour, but who is willing to be compliant with that? The point is, even in the face of a market that is not necessarily hip to tablets, we built a tablet because it was the only way to accomplish what my dad needed to accomplish.

a_ron: Does it react with prescribed medications e.g. Parkinson’s?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: I’m not sure exactly what meds are currently being used for Parkinson’s, If you are currently being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, or diabetes, please consult your healthcare professional about the safe use of magnesium, especially when used in combination with other medications to treat these conditions. Magnesium toxicity can occur in those with kidney dysfunction, so please speak to your healthcare professional before supplementing with magnesium.

craftingrama: I couldn’t find an address and live in Canada are you affiliated with any Canadian places?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Just call 1-866-601-5800 and we can get your order placed over the phone.

CC: Why don’t our Dr’s tell us about this or that we are deficient?

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: I WISH THEY DID!!!! It’s such an important mineral, which is why I’m working so hard to let all of your know about it.

afb5270: Thank you. this was really informative!

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Glad to hear it. Mission Accomplished!!

Bob_from_Toledo: I can certainly understand that it’s not a perfect science to determine if your symptoms are related to Magnesium deficiency and there isn’t a chart to determine exactly how long it will take to work but is there anyway to figure it out without having to spend so much money. Perhaps a money back guarantee or something? Not to sound cheap, I want to try I’m just on a tight budget and want to feel comfortable knowing it’s not a waste of money if it doesn’t work for me.

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Bob, we have the most friendly return policy of any online company that I know of. Buy a bottle and if you don’t like it, just call us and let us know. We refund all your money, including shipping, WITHOUT MAKING YOU RETURN A HALF EMPTY BOTTLE! : What are we going to do with a bottle of half empty supplements anyways? Instead we just ask that you give it to a friend that might be able to benefit.

Host_Mary_Shep: Our hour is over; thank you, Patrick… let’s close in prayer!

Lord, you have given us complex bodies, and we thank you that we were knit together in our mother’s womb — and yet, you knew us completely before this time! Thank you for information like this tonight, which can help us to understand a little more about our body’s needs. We ask your blessing upon those here tonight and upon our Speaker, Patrick and ask Lord, be with us and guide us in making good decisions for what we need to help make our bodies an healthy as we can, with all of these things that are available to us. We ask your blessing upon the rest of this night and we pray it all in Jesus’ name. Amen

Patrick_Sullivan_Jr: Thanks so much for your participation. If you have any questions, feel free to email me patrick AT jigsawhealth DOT com. God bless!!


“The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean.

Take a free Magnesium Deficiency Assessment:

Download this free 13-page Magnesium Deficiency Report

Learn more about Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (USE THE PROMO CODE “REST” AND RECEIVE A COUPON FOR $10 OFF. CALL 1-866-601-5800 OR ORDER ONLINE)

Learn more about Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm

Learn more about Global Light’s Magnesium Oil

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