Obesity: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatments, and Medicine

Obesity is a serious, often overlooked, disabling chronic condition that now affects over one third of the U.S. population. Its most detrimental and costly health effects include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In extreme cases, morbid obesity can become a life-threatening illness known as end-stage obesity syndrome. Those who suffer from obesity (or who have a propensity to become obese due to genetic factors), need to pursue a lifelong commitment of weight management that includes a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and proper nutrition.6

The typical Standard American Diet actually promotes obesity, in many cases, because it encourages adhesion to a low-fat, high-carb diet. The truth is that fat does not cause fat; excessive consumption of high-carb, nutrient-void, high-calorie foods has contributed greatly to the nation’s obesity epidemic. Read more about good carbs and bad carbs.

Additional Information about Obesity

  1. Common symptoms of obesity
  2. Common causes of obesity
  3. Natural and alternative treatments for obesity
  4. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations that may help in the treatment of obesity
  5. Conventional or prescription medications used in the treatment of obesity
  6. Cited Sources and Additional Reading for obesity

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