Health Education Puzzle for Kids

Health Education Puzzle for Kids

We worked with the Puzzle Impressions team to create a fun puzzle for kids to learn about how several different dietary ingredients help promote a healthy body.  The puzzles are 24 piece, full color, 6″ wide by 4″ tall.  So far, all our kids love it!  (And so do the big “kids” in the office.  ;-) 

Why Didn’t You Include X, Y, or Z?

This doesn’t include zinc, or potassium, or vitamin a, or systemic enzymes, or ____, or ____, etc.  Kid’s puzzles of farms generally don’t include every animal that could be on a farm either.  The fact is, it was really difficult to pare down the list to just these 6 nutrients.  We didn’t want to overwhelm young kids with several dozen items target audience was kids, and the puzzles are only 6 inches wide, so we had to choose our nutrients wisely. 

But Magnesium Works on More Than Just Brain and Muscle…

Very true.  This was another design constraint.  We decided to focus on the primary function of each nutrient.  In our opinion, it was better for kids to learn at least one thing about each nutrient, even though the body is a synergistic organism that relies upon the sum of the parts.

How Can You Get One?

All orders in May 2011 will receive one for free.  So go choose your favorite Jigsaw Health products and place an order today! 

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