Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Overview, Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatments, and Medicine

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder characterized by severe fatigue that does not improve with bed rest and may worsen with physical or mental activity.  It distresses both the body and the brain; affecting concentration, short-term memory, and sleep.  CFS is also associated with flu-like symptoms of joint and muscle pain, and tenderness in the lymph nodes.  These symptoms, among others, generally continue unabated, leaving the body depleted of energy and the ability to defend itself against other conditions.

Though no one can definitively say how many people suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that it may affect as many as 500,000 Americans. However, this may be slightly optimistic since a study conducted by researchers at DePaul University estimates CFS at approximately 422 per 100,000 persons in the U.S.  This means as many as 800,000 people nationwide suffer from the illness—90% of which have not been diagnosed and are not receiving proper medical care for their illness.

Additional Information about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  1. Common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
  2. Common causes of chronic fatigue syndrome
  3. Natural and alternative treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome
  4. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations for chronic fatigue syndrome
  5. Conventional or prescription medications used in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
  6. Additional Reading for chronic fatigue syndrome

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