10 Common Causes of Chronic Conditions: Introduction

10 Common Causes of Chronic Conditions: Introduction

Introduction: Why Don’t You Feel Like You Should?

You Are Not Alone!

In the United States alone, more than 125 million people suffer from some sort of chronic condition—ranging from chronic fatigue syndrome to cardiovascular disease, and everything in between.

“Chronic conditions” are defined simply as any long-lasting health issues that have been resistant to a quick fix. Typically, a chronic condition won’t put you in a hospital bed, but it can claim you as a member of the “walking wounded,” with symptoms ranging from mildly irritating, to almost totally debilitating.

Conventional medicine is, for the most part, brilliant with acute care. And modern sanitation practices have made an incredibly beneficial impact on society. But the conventional medical system as a whole generally fails to deal well with chronic care because it does not have the patience to look at each patient in a holistic manner in order to search out root causes. As a society, we’ve come to expect a “quick fix” for our medical concerns, and doctors aim to relieve symptoms, rather than address the underlying, root causes of those symptoms.

Pharmaceutical drugs, along with well-intentioned, but generic advice of “eat a balanced diet, get more exercise, and lower your stress” are far too commonly prescribed. Sometimes the symptoms abate. Oftentimes, side effects from the drugs trigger other chronic conditions that then require more drugs to be prescribed just to deal with the new symptoms. And on and on it goes…

Here’s What You Need To Know:

Chronic conditions typically stem from 10 main causes. While it’s true that we are each genetically unique, and some of us are more predisposed to certain conditions than others, most of the factors related to the common causes of chronic conditions are under our control. And once they are discovered and resolved, you can greatly alleviate—or even reverse—many chronic conditions.

These are the top 10 causes for most chronic conditions:

  1. Poor diet with impaired digestion.
  2. Food allergies stemming from leaky gut syndrome.
  3. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics.
  4. Dysfunctional or exhausted immune, hormonal, and detoxification systems.
  5. Brain injuries.
  6. Heavy metals, particularly mercury from dental amalgams.
  7. Chronic exposure to mold.
  8. Chronic sub-acute infections resulting from bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  9. Thick blood caused by infections, heavy metals, or genetics.
  10. Unresolved emotional and spiritual issues.

Chronic illness is like a web of issues that each of us can get stuck in. There is usually not just one issue. As you’ll read, there are multiple factors involved that make it difficult to diagnose and treat your issues. There are also varying degrees of chronic illness, or “gray areas,” ranging from subtle to extreme. You can have a little heart disease, or a lot of it. You can have a little cancer, or a lot of it. You can be a little fatigued, or chronically fatigued.

It is helpful to picture this concept as if your body’s immune system is a bank account. Each time you make a deposit, the amount of money in your account increases. Conversely, when you make a withdrawal your balance decreases.

Over the years, every event that impacts the immune system in a negative way is basically a withdrawal. But the healthy things you do are deposits. And at any bank, if you withdraw more than you deposit, you will be overdrawn!

To take the analogy a step further, you cannot walk into a bank and demand the teller to deposit a million dollars into your account if you haven’t earned it. Likewise, you cannot demand your immune system to become immediately stronger and healthier. It takes time to replenish your account. You can only deposit what you earn. And you must spend what you have earned wisely because there is no such thing as borrowing from someone else’s “immune account.”

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