10 Common Causes of Chronic Conditions: Cause #8

10 Common Causes of Chronic Conditions: Cause #8

8. Chronic sub-acute infections resulting from bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Research is now pointing to a strong correlation between chronic infections and cardiovascular disease, ulcers, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and a multitude of other chronic conditions that were once thought to happen for no apparent reason. The immune system does a miraculous job of responding to any acute infection. When we get sick with a cold, the immune goes into action to fight a foreign invader. Once the immune system is triggered to respond, we normally experience inflammation in the form of visible symptoms: a runny nose, head congestion, fever, cough, etc. After a few days, cold symptoms subside. At that point, the immune system has done its job, so it can shut off and rest for a while.

However, when your body is continuously bombarded by long-term chronic infections, you experience silent inflammation that invariably causes an array of vague, or seemingly minor symptoms that are often difficult to categorize or diagnose. Silent inflammation due to chronic long-term sub clinical infection is now being considered the “silent killer” of America. The vague, chronic symptoms of silent inflammation can go on for months or even years, wearing down the immune system to the point where it starts to malfunction, mistakenly attacking tissues and organs (known as autoimmune disease).

One common type of chronic infection is candida, or yeast overgrowth. The typical Standard American Diet actually encourages the growth of candida, because candida feeds on sugar and simple carbohydrates. By eating a diet high in refined sugar and refined carbohydrates, you are actually feeding and further populating yeast. And if you’ve overused antibiotics, you don’t have enough “good bacteria” in your gut to keep the overgrowth of candida in check. What’s more, the Standard American Diet is sadly deficient in good bugs, so unless you’re supplementing your diet with probiotics, you’ll never get enough good bugs to ward off candida.

When the immune system is overloaded by other factors, such as infections of other types of bugs, environmental contaminants, and heavy metals, clearing up chronic infections can become a challenge—something that requires persistence and perseverance to attack the problem on multiple levels.

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